Hi, I am Mikaela!

I have grown up on the EP and currently live in Port Lincoln with my husband and two children.

I love love love to travel and have been lucky enough to visit many interesting places all over the world. My favourite part of traveling is meeting people and different and interesting perspectives on life and the way we all live.

I have had a love for photography as far back as I remember, entering my photos into the local shows as a young child and in exhibitions as I got into high school.

After leaving school my life took another path and I went to Uni to study a Bachelor of Medical Science. Throughout my adult working life I always seemed to gravitate towards projects that allowed me to be creative..... and it didn't take long before the pull back to the camera became a full time gig.

Since opening my business I have enjoyed many different projects, capturing newborns, families, weddings and even some proposals!

Outside of peoples personal images and memories I have worked with many businesses to create branding, advertising & social images and many homes for sale or rent with the local Real Estate agencies.

A big part of living in a small community for me is community culture - this also means giving back to the community. My passion project is the Eyre Peninsula SALT festival where I work with a small committee & group of volunteers to bring 10 days of Art, Innovation & Culture to Port Lincoln and the lower EP.

While I have been mostly self taught, a few mentors, retreats & workshops along the way I recently decided to formalise my passion and am currently studying a Bachelor of Photography at COLLARTS. Going back to tertiary education in my 30s has been a much different experience to the one I had 15+ years ago!

For me photography is more about capturing a feeling rather than just a pretty picture. It's about the connection between the subjects, or telling a story without the words. It truly is my passion, and I'm so glad I found my way back to photography.

I would be honoured to capture that moment for you and the ones you love the most.